Dust Less Blends

The Competence in Dust Less Blends

High Abrasion Resistance


  • Handling robustness (transportation, feeding)
  • reduced risk of compaction during transportation and storage
  • Retention of flow properties

Typically the hardness of an DLB is much better than that observed for the granulated version of the same product and comes very close to that of flakes, which are made from completely molten products. It is, of course, unavoidable that the composition of an DLB and the exakt details of its manufacture do influence to some extent its hardness and resistance to abrasion.

This high abrasion resistance in quite a robust pellet which is advantageous during DLB handling (packing, unloading and feeding) and transportation. Its robust nature also means that there is a minimal risk of compaction of the DLB during transport and storage, especially when non-ideal conditions, e. g. high temperature, are encountered. A further benefit of DLB robustness is that their good flow properties are maintained.