PolyCat brings technology closer to reality.

Company Profile

PolyCat FZC brings value added products in the field of polymerisation and catalysis backed by extensive experience and knowledge gained over years of experience to offer the best solutions to the polyolefin industries, master-batch producers and compounding industries for polymer stabilisation, UV stabilisation, improved operation efficiency, cost reduction and better productivity.
PolyCat offers polymer additives and Dust Less Blends of One Pack additive concentrates for polymer stabilisation with its unique technology and expertise and offer tailor made cost effective solutions for each application and obtain the best results in the final products. In addition PolyCat also offers catalysts for polyolefin industries and various other industries by providing cost performance solutions.

Global Business

Since our inception in 2005 in UAE (United Arab Emirates), PolyCat FZC has been accepted in the global market as a quality, reliable and service oriented supplier and has established long term customer relationships. Through the years of experience, the PolyCat FZC has developed well-recognized additive formulations by working closely with customers, understanding their requirements. Based on our continuous development and understanding customer needs we were able to develop wide range of Additives for several demanding applications.

PolyCat Brings Technology Closer To Reality.