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Our Services

PolyCat brings technology closer to reality.

Our Major Services


Conduct laboratory evaluation.


Detailed analysis of your plant operations.


Provide test samples.


Tailor made formulations to address specific issues.

The PolyCat Service Team perform

  1. Conduct laboratory evaluation
  2. Provide test samples
  3. Develop Tailor made solutions based on required end performance
  4. Establish product code and name
  5. Detailed analysis of your plant operations
  6. Write process and specifications
  7. General discussion of findings
  8. Determine analytical methods
  9. Secrecy / Confidentiality agreement
  10. Schedule plant run
  11. Disclosure of specific formulation
  12. Provide certificate of analysis
  13. Selection of product form
  14. Ship our One Pack Additive Concentrates and Speciality Additive Master-Batches

Dust Less Blends (DLB)


Dust Less Blends are custom-made based on a rigorous follow through to fine-tune your unique manufacturing operations. Developing a specific additive package requires a partnership, a close working relationship involving your polymer production and polymer processing staff and the evaluation PolyCat service team.


Dust Less Blends are one-of-a-kind, customized additive packages without carrier resin and hence universal compatibility with all polymers, very low dosage levels and hence very low inventory and save storage space in warehouse. They help improve your competitive position through simplified manufacturing operations, reduced QC testing, improved dosing accuracy and product quality, plus substantially reduced operating costs.