PolyCat brings technology closer to reality.

PolyCat FZC brings value added products in the field of polymerisation and catalysis backed by extensive experience and knowledge gained over years of experience to offer the best solutions to the polyolefin industries, master-batch producers and compounding industries for polymer stabilisation, UV stabilisation, improved operation efficiency, cost reduction and better productivity.

PolyCat offers polymer additives and Dust Less Blends of One Pack additive concentrates for polymer stabilisation with its unique technology and expertise and offer tailor made cost effective solutions for each application and obtain the best results in the final products. In addition PolyCat also offers catalysts for polyolefin industries and various other industries by providing cost performance solutions.

Our additive concentrates help in providing clean environment and easy integrated solution to various applications



Our One-Pack Additive System eliminates handling
And feeding problems and protects the environment from dust and dust explosions.

Dust Less Blends (DLB)

Dust Less Blends (DLB) is free-flowing pellets of various polymer additives based on various formulations. DLB consists of antioxidants, acid scavengers, nucleating additives, UV stabilizers, neutralizing additives and other additives according to specification of the desired final product. DLB is 100% of additives without any polymer resin or intermediates.

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White Masterbatch

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Black Masterbatch

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Polymer Additive Masterbatches

AntiStat, AntiFog, AntiBlock, Slip, PIB, Nucleating, Clarifying and Flame Retardants etc... Masterbatches

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HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and LLDPE (Linear Low density Polyethylene), LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), PET Bottle Grade and Sheet Resins and PP (Polypropylene).

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Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE)

Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) is a white granular elastomer made from polyethylene and chlorine under catalytic reaction. It has good performance, Flame retardant, consistency, and higher filling ability with all kinds of additives. It is also a type of special rubber with good performance.

CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene) has good resistance various weather conditions, chemicals, Ozone and ageing. CPE has good resistance to chemicals, acid and alkali corrosion. It has synergistic effect with polymers such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PS (Polystyrene) and PC (Polycarbonate). Due to its excellent compatibility it can be used to produce plastic alloys for better performance.

It is widely used to replace traditional thermoplastics, engineering plastics. The main application are in PVC Pipes, PVC Profiles and PVC Compounds.

Silane-grafted, Moisture-curable Polyethylene Compound for Cables & Wires (XLPE)
  • Higher current carrying capacity as it can withstand higher temperature compared to PVC.
  • Higher overload capacity.
  • Lighter in weight, smaller bend radius, hence lesser installation cost.
  • Higher short circuit rating.
  • Lower di-electric and constant power factor resulting in savings of power loss.
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Conduct laboratory evaluation.


Provide test samples.


Detailed analysis of your plant operations.


Tailor made formulations to address specific issues.